Blood supply

Swiss Transfusion SRC and the regional blood transfusion services fulfil the following functions in collaboration:

  • Maintenance of an efficient national blood donation system which is also capable of meeting the requirements of the coordinated medical service.
  • Services related to the procurement and relaying of blood products.
  • Additional services in the field of transfusion medicine.
  • Maintenance of a storage and distribution system which ensures the supply of blood products to hospitals, clinics and doctors in the proper quantities and at the proper time.
  • Coordinated, application-oriented research, development and reference activities in the field of transfusion medicine.
  • Provision of information and training to doctors, nursing staff and medical technicians in the use of blood products and the laboratory tests associated with them.

Division of responsibility

Responsibility for fulfilling these functions is divided between the umbrella organisation and the regions:

» Functions of the umbrella organisation
» Functions of the regional blood transfusion services