Swiss Transfusion SRC Inc. is an independent, non-profit public limited company within the Swiss Red Cross (SRC). The majority of its shares are held by the SRC; the remainder are owned by the 11 regional blood transfusion services. Both the umbrella organisation, Swiss Transfusion SRC, and the regional blood transfusion services are non-profit organisations.

Blood supply

Swiss Transfusion SRC, together with the regional blood transfusion services, has a mandate from the Swiss Confederation to secure the supply of blood products to the country's hospitals and clinics. The Samaritan associations are important partners in this function. The umbrella organisation has other functions as well, though, which include quality assurance, from blood donation through to the products prepared from it, and ensuring the uniformity of policies in the regions.

Registry of blood stem cell donors

The central functions of Swiss Blood Stem Cells (SBSC), part of our organisation, are the management of the registry of blood stem cell donors in Switzerland, recruiting blood stem cell donors in Switzerland and coordinating blood stem cell donations by donors in Switzerland for patients in this country and abroad. Transplantation of blood stem cells is often the only hope of a cure for people suffering from a malignant blood disease like leukaemia.