Functions of the regional blood transfusion services

The 11 regional blood transfusion services are responsible for the procurement of blood and its processing, as well as the supply of appropriate blood products to the hospitals, clinics and doctors in their regions.

Two types of blood procurement activities are carried out:

  • by means of mobile blood drives in approximately 1000 localities (about 50% of donations),
  • in the over 40 stationary transfusion centres (approx. 50% of donations).

Mobile teams

The tradition of blood donation has strong roots here, particularly in the rural districts. For many of donors in rural areas, the trip to the nearest transfusion centre would be too far. The regional blood transfusion services take this into account by having mobile teams cover rural districts in regular tours.

Image: The Samaritan associations' help is indispensable on the mobile blood drives..

The continuing activity of these mobile teams is made possible by a large number of volunteers from the local Samaritan associations. The time and place of blood drives is publicised in advance in the communities in question and the information can also be accessed through a schedule search.

The mobile teams make a crucial contribution to enabling the supply of blood products to be secured.